India is huge country sitting on a pile of history and cultures which brings so much depth to the country. It leaves a mark in your memory forever. Taking holiday there would definitely be a memorable and enriching experience for you. Here are a few reasons visiting India should be in your travel list.

  1. People: When you visit a country the hospitality of the native people is very important factor in making you stay worthwhile. People in India are extremely hospitable and kind especially those belonging to rural India. They are all smiles and ready to help you in time of your need. To experience the hospitality of India you can opt for home stay may be get taste of some authentic Indian food.
  2. Great value for money: India according to the popular belief is a country with trashy hotels and roadside food but the same may not be true. India is a country for everyone; it caters to the need and demands of every individual. You can stay and travel in India for as cheaply or lavishly depending on what you want. It offers you great resorts, hotels, fine dining along with really great street markets with great food and place to stay.
  3. Spirituality: People from all over the world come to India looking for inner peace and spirituality. Country and its culture can be very inspiring and refreshing to the soul. You can learn yoga, meditation or visit various ashrams spread around the country as well you can experience “aarti” at banks of Ganges.
  4. Taj Mahal: It is one of the seven wonders of the world and arguable the most popular and beautiful one. Built by Emperor Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal is the epitome of love and purity. It is one of the symmetrical monuments ever built. This place should be on the list of every traveler.
    Reasons you should definitely visit India

    Reasons you should definitely visit India

  5. Food: All the reasons above are good enough to visit India but if none of them convinces you then travel to India for food. It alone an enough reason for you to travel to this country. Indians take their food very seriously, the taste, the authenticity and aroma. From north of India to South and West India to East India you will be able to experience different delicious food different from one another still being the best. Whether you are a non-vegetarian or vegetarian India is a food lover’s paradise.

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