Ireland is known all around the world as enchanting and magical land of castles and scenic beauty. The green hills, the cliffs, coastline are only some of reasons to pick up your bags and head to Ireland for a soul lifting experience. Ireland is a must see place for everyone. Here are a few reasons why you should do so.

  1. Castles: Those dreamy, romantic and historic castles are to be found everywhere in Ireland. Cahir, Kilkenny and Dunguaire Castles are some of the castles to look out for which will give you all the magical images of maidens and brave kings, along with dungeons. Frankly, Ireland has over 300 castles which will make you fall in love with them.
  2. History: You can find history in every corner of Ireland. People of Ireland are of descendents of purely Celtic culture. This place has noble prize winners, musicians, and some of great story teller’s no place on earth can match. The dance and music culture of the place can be infectious.
    Top reasons to travel to Ireland

    Top reasons to travel to Ireland

  3. Festivals: Ireland boasts of some of the great festivals. Galway International Oyster Festival, Dublin Writer’s festival, Battle for the Bay or Gourmet Food Festival in Kinsale are among some of the festivals you can choose from. But seriously there are so many festivals you can go all year enjoying them. In August during few days’ people come out on streets with live music, plenty of drinking and many other celebrations.
  4. Beauty: Ireland is a place of iconic and soul lifting scenery The Cliff’s of Moher , The gaint Causeways and many other places will make your holidays the most beautiful and peaceful time of your life. You must have witnessed the beauty of the place in numerous movies like Braveheart, Lords of the Rings etc. now it’s time you experience it yourself.
  5. People and pubs: People of Ireland are extremely hospitable and welcoming. Ireland is rightly known as the land of thousand welcomes”. The place has a very rich culture. Ireland is famously also called the “Irish pub”, you will find a great variety of them all across the country.

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