When you feel like taking a vacation to some place with European culture and class France is the first place you should visit to experience word class dining, wine, sites, have dinner atop Eiffel Tower . Here are a few reasons you must visit France.

  1. Food: French have an elaborate and delicious food like sauces, cheese, bread, pastries, champagne there is no end to the delicacies. Leave your dieting home when you plan to holiday in France and taste everything you can as you might eat French food back at home but it is nothing like authentic French food. Enjoy food at small roadside cafes to fine dining everything you taste will be worth it. Also France has the best wine so you can taste some of the most exquisite wine around.
  2. Art: From Monet to Degas the list of French artists is endless France has played a very important role in development of art and artists alike which can be seen in flocks of artists visiting the country. You can visit museums, there are museums which display contemporary and modern art at its best.
    Top reasons to visit France

    Top reasons to visit France

  3. Palaces: France was ruled by various rulers in the past and the country still boasts of it in all its glory. Visitors can take a walk through the well maintained gardens, take self guided audio tours, and shop at gift shops. Some of these castles look like out of fairytale, you will feel like royalty yourself.
  4. Nightlife: French are known for their style, poise and culture but they also know how to enjoy themselves. You can visit French beaches the French Riviera to enjoy the sun by the day and dance all you want in the night. You can also visit various casinos and clubs to enjoy the nightlife of France.

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