Scotland is a land of unspoiled and untouched natural beauty at the same time maintaining the modernization with cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow. The country has got way more to offer than just bagpipes. The country is the most spectacular background and ambience for you memories. Here are some of the reasons why you should not miss visiting Scotland.

  1. Scenery: Most of the Scotland is untouched and unspoiled by time and industrialization. Scotland is the most mystical place and has spectacular natural sites. It can be called as nature lover’s haven. Stunning landscape has with most undisturbed wildlife and you can see mountain goats, deer, hare etc. If you want to witness Scotland’s beauty at its best then Isle of Skye.
  2. City and Nightlife: The countryside of Scotland is unspoiled but the cities of Scotland are as modern as possible. The nightlife of these cities can give every city in the world a run for their own money. Edinburgh has host of great restaurants and designer bars.
  3. Castles: Due to its history and culture you can see castles throughout Scotland of various styles and sizes. Edinburgh castle is the most famous castle out of all the ones in Scotland and is a must visit. You can feel that how Scottish queens and kings resided there and still can see their crowns and jewels present there.
    Top reasons to visit Scotland

    Top reasons to visit Scotland

  4. Cultural Festivals: Throughout the year there are many festivals in the country. But the distinctive and unique culture of Scotland can be witnessed through highland games which seizes the Scottish culture at its best like the bagpipes, the kilt, the Scottish dancing, the Scottish hammer throw etc. There are other festivals as well like Edinburgh arts festival which displays Scottish history.

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