Thailand has a lot of tourists very year from Asia and some parts Europe but people from America and few other places find Thailand too exotic and far away to travel to for a week or two week vacation. That’s a shame because Thailand is an amazing vacation destination. Here are a few reasons you definitely need to visit Thailand.

  1. Affordable: Thailand is extremely affordable and light on your pocket. The accommodation in Thailand is really cheap and good. The food, the shopping, the travel anything you want to do in Thailand is really cheap and affordable.
  2. Beaches: Though Thailand has lots of tourists visiting its beaches but in spite of that al the beaches are really clean and well maintained. The white sand and blue waters make a really nice picture for your memories. You might also be able to see greenery, forests and wildlife as well while visiting the beaches.
  3. Local people: People are Thailand are some of the nicest people always happy, always smiling and extremely helpful. Even if you are not familiar with the language they will help you out in every way they can. Also people are really honest and rarely steal, you also feel very safe when in Thailand.
    Top reasons to visit Thailand

    Top reasons to visit Thailand

  4. Plenty of sunshine: Be it anytime of the year you will be welcomed with warm weather and plenty of sunshine. You can for always wear shorts and jackets in Thailand and never have to worry about being too cold. The temperature is just perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities.
  5. Food: A lot of people say that they love eating Thai food but most of them have never even been to Thailand. The food in Thailand is way better than what you eat in restaurants in you city. There is a lot of variety in food and it is inexpensive. You will find the noodles, salads, snacks everything very delicious and not to forget the Thai’s serve the best fried chicken.

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