You love travelling but sometimes you have to skip your plan as you are short of money. You can still plan your trips within your budget. Here are some tips and tricks which will be helpful for you in planning your trips and save money as well.

  1. Travel in off season: If you are an avid traveler and like exploring new places then it is a smart decision to travel during the off season. You can try finding out which is the off season for a particular place and plan your trip then. This way you would save money on airfares which are often expensive during peak tourist season, same is true for hotels which are a bit cheap during off season. Also you will have added advantage as in off season tourist spots will not be over crowded and you will be able to enjoy everything peacefully.
  2. Package trip: If you plan your trip in advance it will be a wise decision if you book a package deal on your trip of everything inclusive. You can ask the booking officials to include your favorite restaurants you want to visits or the local sites you want to see in your deal. This way you can save money and time arranging for random things.
    Tips to travel in budget

    Tips to travel in budget

  3. Food: now food is something we spend a lot on while travelling. So to save on money and be within our budget we need to plan our eating in advance. If you have a package deal then eat more in the breakfast during the breakfast as that might save you from expensive eating during the lunch or dinner or try having fancy lunches than dinner as lunches are bit cheaper than dinners. Also make carryover packages for train or bus journeys to avoid expensive train station food.
  4. Accommodations: Accommodations should be chosen wisely to save money. For a budget travel you should try not look for accommodations in the main area choosing a area near to the place you want to visit it might be cheaper. You can also try sharing rooms which save your money from paying full money. Also during holiday season students hostels are rented to tourists which are not as expensive as hotels.

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